We have a role in national and global engine industry whom needs pistons, for 30 years since 1976. We have been producing pistons for domestic and internetional markets years since 1976. We play a major player role in engine industry with our 30 years of experience, expert team of engineers, developing company structure, up to date machinery, product variety, production capacity, after sales services. We made a radical change and assumed the principle of providing production and logistic facilities for engine industry in 2015.

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We developed and renewed our technological infrastructure as the results of our R&D efforts to increase our capacity. With these progresses we increased our quality of our products and made them more long lasting. We reached 300.000 product capasity per year with our 300 sort of pistons with the robot technology we use.

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We had enlarged our inventory space to reduce the inventory costs and answers the demands when its needed fort he componies we serve. Without any limits we provide the demands not just by periods of years, we also serve the componies by periods of months and weeks.

As MYM we are proud to announce that we are established to provide superior service for the smallest business to the largest firms of national and global engine industry.

Our Mission

To extend the durability of our products, expand our distribution network and deliver a unique service experience afther the sale wich will fit to our history.

Our Vision

To inspire our global and domestic competitors, and create a difference not just by the quality of our products and with our after sale services.

Our Strategy

To modernize our production by our R&D efforts, and to lead domestic and global engine industry by our after sale services.